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Welcome to Turritopsis Oils – where simplicity meets purity. Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, we bring to you the purest oils, each with its own unique healing properties. Oil, it's a treasure in Ayurveda, known to balance the body's energies which, when in harmony, keep us healthy and disease-free. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These energies, or doshas, are the cornerstones of Ayurvedic medicine, and when they are in balance, they keep us strong, energetic, and free from illness. What we do is simple: to share the powerful Ayurvedic benefits of our oils with everyone, which makes our life healthy.

We believe that the best way to live healthy is by the means of nature, and our oils are a testament to that belief. They are not just ingredients but companions in your journey towards a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

We use time-honored methods like kachi ghani, chekku, and kohlu to press our oils. These traditional techniques avoid too much heat, which is important because heating oils can take away some of their natural goodness. To make sure you get all the natural benefits from every drop of oil we offer, we use cold pressed method which is based on oil pressing by wood with slow RPM.

At Turritopsis Oils, we offer a variety of Certified Organic Kachi Ghani oils, unique for their purity and 100% unrefined quality. We adhere to ancient extraction methods to ensure you receive authentic oils, rich in nutritional and natural qualities. Just like our pure and NMR-tested Indigenous Honey, we are committed to providing you with the same high-quality standards.

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Turritopsis is certified by...

Jaivik Bharat, India Organic, RSOCA, FSSAI, USFDA, and Apeda for quality and purity.


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