Wood pressed Sesame Gingelly (Til) Oil Certified Organic

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The ancient wood pressed method of extracting Turritopsis sesame gingelly oil ensures offering a authentic taste, perfect for culinary and taking care of skin and hair nourishment. The word "Tel" itself is derived from the "Til" (Sesame) as mentioned in ayurveda.

Turritopsis sesame certified organic oil is a blend of high-quality sesame, delivering a rich, aromatic experience, making it a versatile ingredient in your kitchen by using cold pressed technique. Because of its high smoking point it is better suited for low to medium heat cooking.

Adhering to stringent organic standards, our kachi ghani extraction process is designed to get the oil in its natural and original form with all natural benefits. This kohlu chekku process ensures that the oil retains its natural vitamins and enzymes, making it a healthier choice for your family.

Our sesame oil (tel) is virgin and unrefined, which means it involves only mechanical process. This method makes the oil excellent choice for those who seek a pure and natural cooking oil. This oil is extracted in the facility where peanut is processed. Some individuals may have allergy to peanut.

Package Content: 1 Sesame Oil; Quantity: 1 litre; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 365 Days.

Immerse yourself in the rich, authentic flavor of TURRITOPSIS Wood Pressed Sesame Gingelly (Til) Oil. Our oil, crafted with the utmost care, brings you the essence of nature in its most pristine form. It begins with our wood pressed technique, a traditional method that gently extracts the oil while preserving its natural properties and flavors. Proudly certified organic, our sesame oil (tel) is a testament to our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. The cold pressed process, following the revered kachi ghani tradition, ensures that the oil is extracted without the use of heat, maintaining its nutritional profile and rich, nutty taste. Utilizing the kohlu chekku method, a time-honored technique involving wooden mills, our oil remains virgin and unrefined. This approach ensures that every drop of oil retains its natural vitamins, and minerals.  The pure and natural characteristics of our sesame oil make it not just an ingredient, but a healthful addition to your diet along with taking care of your skin and hair. Its unprocessed, unrefined state guarantees an oil that is as close to nature as possible, free from any artificial additives. In every bottle of TURRITOPSIS Wood Pressed Sesame Gingelly (Til) Oil, you'll find a product that's been crafted with respect for tradition and an eye towards the future. This oil is perfect for those who appreciate the taste and health benefits of natural, organic ingredients. This 1 Litre Pack of sesame oil in glass with shelf life of 365 days is ideal for cooking, baking, or even as a finishing oil for salads and dips. Its unique flavor enhances the taste of any dish, providing a gourmet experience with every use.