Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic Cold Pressed Extracted by Chekku

Size: 1L
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Our Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil is crafted from the finest coconuts, handpicked from the lush tropical regions. The Cold-pressed and Wood-pressed methods we use ensure the oil retains its natural aroma and nutrients.

The traditional Chekku and Kohlu techniques are at the heart of our process, preserving the oil's virginity and natural essence. This Kachi Ghani method ensures minimal heat, maintaining the oil's nutritional profile. The high smoke point of this oil make it good for medium-heat applications like baking and light sautéing.

Our coconut oil remains unrefined and pure, embodying the essence of its organic source. This careful process ensures that the oil keeps its rich, natural flavor and health benefits intact. Our coconut oil is perfect for cooking and for your skin and hair care routine.

Made organically and naturally, it's great for anyone looking to add a touch of nourishment to their daily life. Whether you're cooking up a storm or taking care of your body, our coconut oil (tel) is the pure, organic choice. This oil is extracted in the facility where peanut is processed. Some individuals may have allergy to peanut.

Package Content: 1 Coconut Oil; Quantity: 1 litre; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 365 Days

Introducing Turritopsis Virgin Coconut Oil, a pristine blend of nature's best, crafted to enrich your health and tantalize your taste buds. Turritopsis virgin coconut oil is a symphony of traditional methods and organic purity, making it a must-have in every health-conscious kitchen. Experience the untouched purity of virgin coconut oil (tel). Extracted from the freshest coconuts, our oil is unrefined, retaining all its natural nutrients and wholesome goodness. We embrace the cold-pressed technique to ensure our coconut oil maintains its essential properties. This gentle extraction process preserves the natural flavor, aroma, and health benefits, making it ideal for both culinary and therapeutic uses. Turritopsis coconut oil is wood pressed, a method revered for its ability to retain the oil's natural qualities. The kohlu and kachi ghani techniques combine to offer an oil that's not just nutrient-rich but also imbued with tradition. Employing the Chekku method, we ensure our coconut oil is extracted with integrity. This traditional approach guarantees a product that is as authentic as it is pure. Our commitment to your health is reflected in our certified organic status. This ensures our coconut oil is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, offering you a product that's safe, natural, and environmentally friendly. We believe in the power of purity. Our coconut oil is as pure and natural as it gets, free from any artificial additives. It's a raw, unadulterated product that brings you closer to nature. This offering includes 1 litre of Virgin Coconut Oil in glass bottle with the shelf life of 365 days.