Kachi Ghani Groundnut Oil Certified Organic by Kohlu And Chekku method

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Our kachi ghani groundnut oil is sourced from the renowned coastal region of Gujarat, where the groundnuts are organically grown, capturing the essence of this fertile land. The seeds are carefully selected and extracted using traditional kohlu and chekku methods. These techniques involve a natural heating process, minimal yet essential, generated by the mechanical movement of the kohlu, ensuring the oil's natural nutrients and flavors are retained.

The oil is extracted using wood pressed machines, which helps in preserving the natural goodness and flavor of the groundnuts. This cold-pressed technique ensures that our groundnut oil maintains its virgin quality, unrefined purity, and organic authenticity. Unlike refined oils that undergo extensive processing for uniform appearance and taste, our oil features a double-layered appearance, highlighting its natural and pure state.

This minimal processing aligns with Ayurveda's emphasis on holistic qualities, ensuring our oil's natural essence and character is preserved. Our groundnut oil is not just a culinary delight but also a treasure for skin and hair care, offering numerous benefits for hydration and nourishment.

Ayurvedic practices recommend this oil (tel) for body massages to strengthen and rejuvenate the body, highlighting its effectiveness in traditional wellness therapies. The emphasis on natural, pure, and organic practices ensures that our groundnut oil stands out as a premium choice for those seeking healthful, holistic products.

Package Content: 1 Groundnut Oil; Quantity: 1 litre; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 365 Days

Our journey begins in the coastal regions of Gujarat, known for their fertile lands that yield the finest quality groundnuts. Here, we cultivate groundnuts, ensuring they grow in harmony with nature, free from synthetic additives. Each seed embodies the essence of Gujarat's lush soil, bringing with it a promise of quality. Embracing the traditional kachi ghani method, our groundnut oil (tel) is extracted using wooden pressed machines. This cold pressed technique contrasts sharply with modern refined oils, which undergo extensive processing. Our extraction process is an art form, utilizing the traditional chekku and kohlu methods. As the kohlu moves, it generates a natural, minimal heat, crucial for extracting the oil without altering its intrinsic properties. This gentle warmth aids in preserving the oil’s natural nutrients and purity. Minimal processing ensures that the oil maintains its natural essence and character, making our groundnut oil not just pure but also virgin and unrefined. The oil's high-smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying, catering to culinary needs without compromising on health. Its packaging in glass jars further emphasizes quality and sustainability. In our commitment to ethical practices, we've modernized the age-old method of oil extraction, ensuring a cruelty-free process that aligns with our organic and natural values. The oil is a rich source of nourishment for the skin and hair, embodying the wisdom of Ayurveda and enhancing overall well-being. This offering includes 1 litre of kachi ghani groundnut Oil in glass bottle with the shelf life of 365 days.